European Vector of Economic Development. 2017. № 2 (23)
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Belimenko S. Difficulties of creation and features of support the assortment range of the enterprise
Gonchar V., Filipishina L. Controlling the implementation of sustainable development strategies in an industrial enterprise
Zadoia A. Where is GDP created: industrialization or deindustrialization?
Кostyuk M. Modern economic and management aspects of Ukrainian machine-building enterprises
Pikalov V., Glukha G. Formation and development of professional creative thinking of managers: the methodological aspect
Protsenko Ya. Levers of state power for hotel enterprise’s financial stability
Romanchuk L. Modeling resort and recreational enterprise marketing communications strategy
Tatarinov V., Reziapov K. Privatization and the state of the stock market of Ukraine
Khasin V., Momot V. Analysis of peculiarities market with non-compulsory information for conditions of insurance of the exchange course
Ślusarczyk B., Lechwar M. Determinants of RES implementation in Poland and the European Union
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European Vector of Economic Development, 2017, № 1 (22)
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Varenyk V. , Makotkina O.   Improvement of medical insurance in Ukraine: rating of companies and new products
Deyneka T.   Asymmetry as an immanent attribute of the contradictions of the world economy and global society
Dubinsky S. , Scherbinina N.   Problems of innovative development of enterprises and their peculiarities in Ukraine
Lymonova E.  The elaboration of the development management system of ukrainian old industrial regions on the basis of the EU countries experience
Makedon V. , Valikov V. , Bondar V.   Organizational support of industrial enterprises restructurisation
Mishustina T. , Probko I.   Ways of the Improvement of Management System of Trading Company Operational Activity
Mital O.   Household savings and their transformation in investment resources
Mostova A.  Theoretical aspects of innovative marketing and marketing of innovations
Miasoid G.  Corporate governance and corporate management of the tourist enterprise
Udovichenko K.   On the policy of ensuring economic growth at the condition of achieving equilibrium
Shvachich G. , Kholod O. , Chumak T.   Analysis of the production efficiency increase ways
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Print ISSN 2074-5362
Online ISSN 2522-9702