European vector of economic development   


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Simulation of analysis system of local of reaction of production process at fluctuations variable factor   

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Risk assessment of investment projects during their implementation   

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The mechanism of resilient ukrainian agriculture sectorto global challenges   

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Economic growth as a strategic direction of state regulation of economy of Ukraine    

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The servitude agreement control as a risk factor for the company activity   

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The development of the organization through the implementation of innovative projects and programs   

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Model for determining the feasibility of options predictive estimates of investments in the sphere of production technology   

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Investigation of the competitive process in the industry: a synthesis of fractal characteristics and procedures   

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The possibility of applying the transaction costs theory in the estimation of information transparency of regional markets   

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Influence of tnc on the ukraine`s economy: advantages and disadvantages   

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Forming the knowledge economy in the context of economic growth   

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Effect of innovation activity on labour productivity in enterprises of sugar industry   

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Transborder flow of capital from keynesian growth theory’s viewpoint   

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Research mnk’s influence on home and destination country    

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Modern approaches to the valuation of software products   

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Impact of the global development of telecommunications and information technologies on the process of democratization and formation of civil society   

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Financial agriculture investments in Poland with eu funds .as an example of Lodz province   

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Influence of religious factors on European integration course in Ukraine   

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System of enterprise’s competitiveness management   

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The role of euro integration process in development of non-bank financial institutions   

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Analysis of the possibilities of implementing category management activities in production and trade enterprises   

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Specialized professional education in the biosphere region: eco-socio-economic continuum   

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Organizational and economic support competitiveness of commercial enterprises.   

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Development of marketing strategy of the enterprise according to results of competitive analysis   

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European prospects of Ukrainian small business   

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Current state of restaurant business in Zaporizhzhya region   

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Fall of life as a factor demographic crisis in Ukraine   

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Problem of assessing the technical conditions of the fixed assets of NPC «Ukrenergo»: reasons, consequences and ways of solving   

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Globalization as a factor of influence on the logistics management process of enterprises foreign economic activity   

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The theoretical aspects of becoming a successful brand