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The author in respect of his/her manuscript (article) owns the rights to the scientific work. To promulgate the manuscript (publication and distribution), the author, following the copyright agreement, transfers to the publisher the right to publish it while retaining the rights to own use and distribution of his/her article.

The publisher respects and supports the author in his efforts to demonstrate the value of his/her research and share the outcomes among the scientific community.

As for the Journal, the publisher defines the rights as follows:

Authors under the copyright agreement transfer the first edition of the manuscript to the publisher but reserve the right to:

use their articles for personal purposes, within their organization, and for scientific exchange, with a link to the version of the article on the publisher's website;

patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property (including primary research data);

proper attribution of authorship and source concerning published manuscripts;

donate to colleagues a copy of the article in whole or in part for their personal or professional use, for the promotion of academic or scientific research, and/or for informational purposes of the employer;

use materials from the published Article when writing a book or other publications by Authors;

use individual figures or tables and passages of text from the Article for their educational purposes or their inclusion in another work, or for presentation in electronic format on the internal (secure) computer network or the external website of the Author or his employer;

include articles in study collections for use in the classroom, for free distribution of materials among Authors’ students, or save material in electronic format on a local server for students to access as part of the training course, as well as for internal training programs at the employer's institution.

According to the consent form for publication, the author gives his consent to editing article, that is necessary to its publication (subject to such editing does not entail a change in the meaning of the article, its reduction or the inclusion of annexes to it, the addition of any supplements, comments without my consent);  to the implementation of any actions aimed at the article promulgation by the publisher of the journal and persons authorized by the editorial board of the journal, including its reproduction, distribution both in the journal and separately, placement on the Internet, the entry in electronic databases; to the extract from his article and the use of metadata (title, author’s name (rights holder), summary, bibliographic materials, etc.) on a royalty-free basis to include them in databases containing bibliographic information (bibliographic description of articles and references). The author confirms, that his article has not been previously published and is not currently under consideration and/or not accepted for publication in any other publication.