European vector of economic development   


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Modern approaches to the labor potential management of the smeltery   

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Interbanking monitoring as a essential part of estimation system of bank problem credits   

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Scenario classification of the control-factor charts according to enterprise clustering   

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Differences of techno-economic development of countries as a cause of contradictions and asymmetries in the system of modern international relations    

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Problems of quality assurance services in medical branch of Ukraine.   

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Great and small countries: the integral indicator of influence on the world economy   

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Preconditions for the formation of integrated structures n rural area   

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Classification of management control and accounting information quality criteria   

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Development the enterprise combined innovative strategy based on the balanced system scores   

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Model of enterprises’ strategic development with impact ofendogenous factors   

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Regarding innovation activity on various stages of enterprise development.   

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Budget management of subjects of economic activity: motivational aspect   

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Pragmatists of applying methods of investment project appraisal in ukrainian realities   

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The problems and challenges of youth unemployment growth for Ukraine and EU countries