European vector of economic development   


Atamas P.Yo., Atamas О.P.
Methodical problems and solutions of drafting the cash flow statement   

Bezverkhy K.V.
Accounting documents as primary constituent of an enterprise accounting and reporting information   

Bilobrova T.O.
Rental co-operation: international experience and development perspectives in Ukraine   

Burdenko I.M.
Market liquidity of financial derivatives: approaches to its essence   

Vakulich А.M., Kolesnikov V.P., Juravel V.V.
Biopacking market: factors and prospects of its development   

Vakulich M.M.
The component of investment climate forming in transformation economy of Ukraine   

Vasyuk N.V.
Storage services: features determining the cost   

Vinichenko O.M.
Improvement of land lease procedure by commercial enterprises   

Godes O.D.
Financial controlling at the enterprise   

Gubareva I.O., Dorovsky V.O.
Simulation of shadow economy impact on economic security of Ukraine   

Dubinsky S.V.
Peculiarities of career managing at industrial enterprise   

Yevtushenko О.A.
Consideration the needs of process-oriented management in the classification of the company’s fixed assets   

Zadoya А.A., Arhipova Ye.S.
Innovative approaches of economic researches: rational expectations theory by Thomas J. Sargent   

Izvekova I.
Organization of product quality control and motivation of staff engaged in manufacturing   

Kratchenko A.S.
Competitive priorities as a basic category in assessing the competitiveness of Ukrainian confectionary branch   

Kulko I.V.
Effective use of machinery enterprise production capacity in conditions of transition economy   

Lyashko D.Y.
The increasing operating profit strategy and its components in the system of enterprise value management   

Magdich А.S.
Peculiarities of investment processes in the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe   

Makedon V.V.
Organizational intercommunication of corporate management principles and transformation processes in the environment of TNC   

Maksymov S.V., Monastyrska O.Yu.
The use of «the reduced costs» index as a criterion of economic efficiency of transport system functioning at ore-dressing and processing enterprise   

Machuga N.Z.
Methodological aspects of information space formation at health institutions   

Pavlova V.А., Kuzmenko O.V.
Managing dual strategies: setting aspect   

Simakhova A.O.
Theoretical grounding of the approaches to the essence of «innovation» category   

Skoroshod O.B., Yarmolenko L.І.
Issues of innovative development of Ukrainian economy   

Taranenko I.V.
Modification of globalization-and-innovation model of world economy on the basis of sustainable development: new dimensions of competitiveness   

Tatarinov V.V., Tatarinov V.S.
Optional schemes of investment in small business in Ukraine   

Chernyaeva I.V., Chernyaev Yu.A.
Global economy: arguments for reboot   

Shengeriy T.O.
Information support of agricultural enterprises innovation activity: analytics of macro level   

Sherstennikov Yu.V., Ivanov R.V.
Modeling of small and large enterprise collaboration considering innovative effect on capital productivity