European vector of economic development   


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Fractal analysis of financial markets: theoretical and practical aspects of the application   

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Resources crisis: retrospectives views and perspectives of adaptation   

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Analysis of evaluation methods of investment climate by sector: implementation of foreign experience in Ukrainian economy   

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Valuation of budgetary safety of Ukraine    

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Support management desicion making system in currency regulation   

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Strategies of the choice of enterprises organizational development   

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Features and development prospects of electronic commerce in Ukraine   

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Methodical approach to the assessment of strategic potential to ensure the market competitive position of the enterprise   

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Strategic priorities of development of urban electric transport enterprises in Ukraine   

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Information support for reproductive management of machine-building enterprises’ fixed assets   

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The development of integration processes at the regional level: information aspect   

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Foreign direct investment as a factor of economic growth in the central and eastern european countries   

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Assessment of inter-sectoral enterprises cooperation of metallurgical complex in Ukraine   

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About concept of trade development in a city   

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Personality knowledge of workers as potential of development of organizational knowledge of subjects of economic activity   

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Empirical research of common factors of influence on the welfare of integrating countries   

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Identification of the testee's individual intellectual activity   

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The main problems of youth unemployment in Ukraine   

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Geospatial models of innovation-based competitiveness of countries   

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Advancing of the research and practice approaches to fixed assets estimation at SE «NPC «Ukrenergo»   

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The comparative analysis of global city competitiveness ratings   

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Theoretical approaches to defining the essence of basic concepts in ecologically   

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Macroeconomic imbalances of economic development: european practice and assessment of the situation in Ukraine   

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Research of competitiveness of mobile phone services with the aim of finding ways to improve it   

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Factors of investment-driven development of educational sphere of Ukraine