European vector of economic development   


Alsuf'ieva O.O. 
Analysis of the system basis and forms of genesis of NIS  

Atamas O.P. 
Theoretical grounding and the use of the term «infrastructure» in economic research  

Bilotserkivets V.V. 
Economic dynamics: the role of scientific and technological progress in conditions of economic avant gardization  

Valinkevych N.V. 
Design of priorities for enterprise modernization: theoretical and practical aspects  

Grabchiuk O.M.
Essence and forms of deterministic uncertainty of economic processes  

Guba M.O., Guba O.I. 
Activities of customs authorities under the influence of «Grey imports» on the economy  

Gubareva I.O., Dorovs’ki V.O. 
Ways of improving the method of assessing the economic security of Ukraine  

Dashevs’ka O.V., Kalyuzhnyy R.A., Vasil’chuk A.S. 
The internet as a modern tool for promoting universities on the international market  

Dubovs’ka O.V. 
Contemporary trends in the development of secondary education systems and remuneration of teachers in Ukraine and abroad  

D’yakonova I.I., Mordan’ E.Y. 
Scope of application of the concepts «banking regulation» and «government regulation of banking activity»  

Zavgorodnya O.O.
Innovation dynamics: substantial foundations and categorical determinism  

Zadoya A.O., Limonova E.M.
Stolypin’s agrarian reform in Ukraine: the relevance of the lessons a hundred years later  

Korobkin A.Z, Glukha A.Y. 
Factor analysis of labour payment expenses in the current conditions.  

Kuznetsova S.A. 
Transformation of accounting principles in the context of financial management informatization   

Kurbanov K.R., Pushkar E.I. 
Environmental and economic-aspects of Ukraine’s integration into the EU  

Lukina M.A., Taranenko I.K. 
Computer technology teaching for English speaking students in higher educational establishments specialising in economics  

Makedon V.V., Bakanov D.O.
Ensuring processes of effective management of corporate property in Ukraine  

Marchenko K.S. 
Zhytomyr’s land resources in the context of solving economic and environmental problems in the development of entrepreneurship  

Nechay O.O. 
Information and analytical base of monetary flows management of machine construction enterprises  

Pavlova V.A., Bartashevs’ka I.M. 
Economic security and investment risk in the machine building industry  

Pedchenko N.S. 
Assessment of the marketing component in using the development potential of enterprises and consumer cooperation  

Pylypenko Y.I. 
Society’s technological system and the core of its self-development  

Popova V.V. 
Definition of reliability of construction investment projects by means of chain substitution  

Rybalka P.M. 
Matrix approaches to formulating strategies for development of enterprises  

Taranenko I.V., Nazarenko K.V., Bilogortseva G.G.
Innovation marketing methods for promotion of IT products in the social media  

Trushenko A.N.
The role of urbanisation processes in the modern global socio-economic system: theoretical aspects  

Fayvishenko D.S., Kryvonis A.O. 
Marketing aspects of developing children’s brands  

Filatova S.O., Reznychenko I.I., Bychko A.A. 
The economic rationale for decision-making in projects under conditions of risk  

Chorna O.Y., Boiarkina I.A. 
Economic growth of the state and its impact on credit portfolio management of commercial banks  

Shvachych G.G, Kholod E.G., Orzhekh A.I. 
Parallel algorithm for the task of global optimization  

Yusifova E.R. 
Role of the informatisation sector in long-term strategies for economic development  

Yaremenko S.S., Kirova A.G., Mischenko A.P. 
The study of consumer preferences in the restaurant services market